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Why pace always defeat tackling

The pace is perhaps the factor which is preferred while observing a player or team.

One of the main analysis factors for observation of a team is how fast the players are?  The faster you are the more effective you are considered to be. Moreover, the fitness of a player is also directly related to the pace of a player.

Most importantly the speed at which the game is played at the present time is very much different from the speed at which it was played about two or three decades back. Nowadays, your speed is your biggest weapon.

Moreover, you can also see the current legends of the game. The biggest difference between them and the other players is that they score at a bigger pace and with more speed. Obviously they have more skills but still, pace is another factor that makes them far better than the others.

If you compare different leagues across the world, you may consider one factor that the bigger the league is the better is the pace of the game going on. The bigger the player would be the better would be his speed and tackling skills. We all are seeing why Salah is unstoppable however he isn’t the best striker in EPL at the moment, but his pace is too much to handle.

Over the span of time, everything in the game has been changed. The more speed you have, the more dangerous a player you are considered to be. There was a time when the parameter of your talent was your tackling skills but now the parameters have shifted with the passage of time and now pace is the new tackle.

This is the main reason that the fastest player of the team is preferred to be the forward so that he could score more goals for the team.

It amazing that how the game has changed with time and in the coming time we can expect more fast games with some exceptionally talented players.


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