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Use Soccer Stats To Bet

What soccers stats do you need to make a bet?

When it comes to football betting, a thorough analysis is a must to gauge the quality of a team to determine how they stack up against their opponents.

This is the only way one can make any predictions about possible outcomes.


Why Use Soccer Stats?

Statistics can help you determine an outcome measured in numbers. Soccer stats on various matches as well as players are readily available on multiple sources. If you want to know how many goals Leroy Sané scored last season, or how many games Aston Villa won in their 2009/10 campaign, the numbers don’t lie.


Soccer Stats You Need

Soccer stats are vital for any punter to make an informed decision, but not all stats matter all the time. So here’s a list of what you should use the next time you bet.

While a deep data dive won’t guarantee a win, analyzing pre-existing information would decrease the risk involved and increase your chances of winning.  


1. Previous encounters

This one’s usually a dead giveaway. Information about the results of both the team’s previous face-offs is integral to determining the outcome of matches. It is wise to only look at recent encounters as line ups and a team’s form are subject to change over time.  It is also essential to consider various factors such as possession rate, goals on target, shots, and so on.  


2. League positions

League positions are usually a straightforward indicator of which is the superior team out of the two. Sure, it gets a little confusing when they’re close together on the table, but as a good strategy, a team’s position on the table shouldn’t go ignored.


3. Past wins and losses

By previous wins and losses, we essentially mean a team’s recent performance. Go back a couple of matches, and observe how they’ve been playing. Have they been on a winning streak, or has their performance been inconsistent? What about the number of draws? 


4. Goals

A team’s average goals are a great way to predict future outcomes, especially when it comes to the over/under market. Competitions like the La Liga or Major League Soccer are known for their high number of goals, and so betting over 2.5 would usually bring in a lot of money. Lower scoring leagues like the Super League Greece usually average under 1.5 goals per match.  


5.  Expected goals

Taking a look at a team’s expected goals is arguably one of the most accurate prediction methods. Simply, expected goals are the chances of a shot finding the net. Expected goals are calculated by analyzing years of data, taking into consideration various factors such as distance, the type of shot, and the players present. With this information, an average is calculated as the team’s expected goals.


6. Home and away stats

While a home advantage holds true in many situations, some teams, Tottenham and Manchester City, for example, have the tendency to perform great even when they play an away match. Before you decide to bet on a home team, take a look at their opponents’ form when they play away.

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