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The 10 Most Famous Celebrity Bettors in History

The 10 Most Famous Celebrity and Athlete Sports Bettors in History

Most Famous Celebrity and Athlete Sports Bettors in History

Sports betting is an amusing and entertaining activity for all the people, doesn’t matter which occupation, domain, age, status or rank you belong, in short, it’s for all the people who love light-hearted pleasures.

The betting can vary from very bucks to billions; it just doesn’t matter what amount is involved and how rich you are; winning has its own pleasure.

Here, is the list of some top ten sports bettors from the world of Hollywood and sports, They likely to believe that those who aren’t courageous enough to take considerable risk, accomplish nothing in life.


  1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Money) 

He is a famous professional boxer from the U.S, who earned a lot of medals and awards. Mayweather held many world titles as well, the biggest one if from Olympics 1996 (featherweight), and the  U.S Golden Gloves championship.

He is very known and famous in the world of gambling with a record of $45,000 win. For someone who’s already a billionaire, it was surely a small token of change.

2. 50 Cent

50 cent (Curtis Jackson), the famous American rapper and singer. He is also a great gambler with crazy money of course.

He tweeted about his winning of $50,000 on betting in NFL games for San Francisco 49ers against New York Giants.

3. Michael Jordan

Undoubtedly the greatest basketball player of all times. There is no comparison of his success in the court. There were sports betting behind his early retirement.

He deals with a great number of losses in the gambling world, He admitted publicly about his loss of $165,000 at Atlantic city casino and 1.25 million in a golf match betting against Richard Equinas.

4. Charlie Sheen

He is an American actor, famous for his tv series Two and a Half Men. Reportedly he was the highest paid actor on television and earned  $1.8 million per episode of Two and a Half Men.

He is quite addicted to drinks, drugs, and gambling, He spent  $200,000 on betting per week. There were rumors regarding his involvements in sports betting as well.

5. Paul Hornung

The Golden Boy, An American footballer, selected for the fourth World Champion Green Bay Packer team but got banned for the whole season for betting in  NFL and NCCA games for $100 and $ 500. A very small token but rules are rules.

6. Bryan Williams (BIRDMAN)

A rapper recently posted on Instagram about his bet with AR-ARB another rapper worth of $100,000 in Super Bowl between Patriots and Eagles, later on, it got double with $ 200,000.


The former American baseball player and manager of Reds. He played in MLB and managed his own team.

But far from that, he got banned for 40 years for gambling in his games also with his managing c

8. Jaromir Jagr

The heartthrob got the height of his fame as a Czech professional ice hockey right winger. He plays for HC Kladno in the 1st Czech Republic Hockey League.

Jagr bets big, and he couldn’t help it when he drops a whopping amount of $20,000 on a football game.

Even though Jagr is a notoriously bad gambler, and is likely to lose on every wager he placed; this sportsman couldn’t get enough of betting. Even his bookie, Steve Budin, had begun worrying that Jagr lost it all.

9. Wayne Rooney

A famous European footballer who is now playing for D.C. His glorious days takes him back from his execution at Manchester United from 2004 to 2017. The press sure loves Rooney during those heighten years of his soccer career.

Being such a popular soccer player is not without its setbacks. Rooney couldn’t escape from the world’s paparazzi.

He’s known for being an avid wager since his mid-twenties when he started on steeds, mutts, and guess what-  soccer as well.

10. Charles Barkley

A retired professional basketball player is also known as an overpowering gambler. He admitted the loss of 2.5 million in sports betting and a lot more in blackjack bets.

He is still gambling with improvised betting techniques that he was learning in his 2 years break.


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