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Club vs Country in Football: Which is more important?

Club vs. Country Soccer

The game has certainly  seen a growing Club vs Country debate over the years.

Modern football sport has been divided into two categories, domestic/club or franchise football, which is mostly played in leagues and internationally such as championships, continents wise cups and friendly matches. There has been a famous debate regarding which category is better. Now the question that arises is that better in what sense? We have competition, gameplay and financial benefits.

Firstly, as far as competition is considered we have many examples to discuss this on, let’s start with the comparison of the world cup and continental cup games to the games from some of the best domestic leagues in the world. In world cup games you see drama, and its every player trying to give their best, however, when it comes to domestic league games there is always a variance in the competition of each game.

In some games, players tend to not try hard enough because of their strong position at the table and sometimes it’s just that franchise football is affected by the amount of money invested into the clubs, only those clubs which have wealthy owners can get good players. As a result, there is often a lack of competition in domestic football, hence the factor of competition goes to international football.

The second factor concerns the quality of gameplay and which game provides the most entertainment? International games do showcase a good level of quality gameplay, but it is limited to a few teams and players only.

Domestic games are not limited to local players, and you see various players from different parts of the world who play in different styles that is why league game results in more compelling view among viewers who get to look at different players playing in the league.

Our deciding factor will be the amount of money people make out of both categories. For domestic leagues money is everything, the millionaires of the world own most of the big clubs, and these are the clubs which make the most money, however, even small clubs who might not do well earn a lot because of the high amount of money involved in every game.

Players also make tons of money per match although their performance as compared to the international competitions where the money spent is not less, limited, clubs in the domestic league have bought players for the amount as significant as 150 million euros and even more.

So considering the massive amount of money spent and made in domestic league games and how we get to see a diverse show of gameplay, it would be fair to ignore that it might be little less in competition, but domestic league football is undoubtedly better than the international one. However, both have their way of delighting the fans.


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